Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On: The Grim Reaper

These poems were written by my readers on October 27, 2007, when I asked for verses about the Grim Reaper. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween.

The end result, the gist of the matter.
Scythe at last swung, the harvest to gather.
She asked, "What of my husband, what about him?"
"He'll come later," said the Reaper Grim.
- Charles

Eye, hand, leg all restored,
But all the waiting has got me bored.
My place in line, just to be judged.
Those numbers, those figures, I shouldn't have fudged.
The women, the fighting, the conquests, behind me.
Who'd have thought, this day would find me?
Independence, freedom, I my own keeper,
I guess I should've feared the Reaper.
- Charles

There once was a Reaper Grim,
Who sobbed to the bartender, Jim,
"I dress like a slob
For this stupid job,
And I never can get to the gym."


Darkness is falling
Birdsong ceases, frogs are still
Go, Grim Reaper, Go.
- ThatGreenyFlower

Crying, "She was so beautiful, her skin so fair.
And the way the light shined off of her hair."
"Your neck would be one piece, brains in your head,
you shouldn't have run off the edge you illicit peeper,"
He chided, this helper, this the Grim Reaper.
- Charles

"All our times have come."
Yeah, ok, Blue Oyster Cult.
Who's that dude in black?
- ThatGreenyFlower

You keep,
What you reap!
- Sling

"Did I really cause all that death?
Thousands and more just to hear my own breath?"
"Its too late to ask questions, now.
I'll come to take you, and slowly is how."
"But I don't want to suffer for the suffering I caused."
"But suffer you will for the suffering you caused."
"Take me now. Take me, Grim Reaper."
"I'll come for you later, George,
After you've paid the piper."
- Charles

The blood flows
As the blade goes deeper.
That's the way death goes
With the Grim Reaper.
- Roxan

Stumbling, bumbling, through life's little trance.
Eating and drinking, a few times a dance.
Birth and growing, 'til death do we part.
Then birthing and giving life a new start.
Slowing and illness and nothing ahead.
All the while breathing, until we are dead.
Thanks, Reaper.
- Charles

From the veiled night
He crept into sight
The Grim Reaper...

Reaching the dull murmur of her heart
From body to tear her soul apart

Turning to him, reaching out she embraced
This velvety darkness sans a face
"Take me away... I'm jilted by Life
In Death,for the first time, I've come alive."

- Mona

"It is your time," he said.
"Oh, not you," I said. "I'm not ready!"
"That is unfortunate, but quite beside the point," he said.
"Let's play a game. If I win, you leave me alone."
"I take it that the game will be Chess?" he said.
"Um. I can't play that. How about snakes and ladders." etc
- Winters

Taunts of Life
Like acid
Blister my soul...

I wandered this earth for ages
Like a moment ripped from Time

Landing on earth
I searched for streets
on the street a home
& in the home I now await
You...Grim Reaper

In your shadows I seek...
Touch me
Hold me
Rock me to sleep
So that I can, with myself
Make Peace...
- Mona

He's always there.
Keeping his distance at first.
But the older you get, the closer he gets.
You are always aware of his presence ... Always!
He's very frightening to some, but a welcome relief to others,
Everyone is destined to meet him ... There is no escape!
But as my usher into the afterlife,
I just wish he looked a little happier.
- G-man

Grim, he reaps
Souls, he keeps
Light, he sleeps
Dark, he creeps.
- Camille Alexa

I was just going to simply say
"Sorry you had such a bad day,"
But it would be less eloquent
Than any one previous comment.

Dwell not on anger or sorrow
For come sunrise is the morrow.
- Hale McKay

People rant and people rave,
Always thinking they're someone's fave,
When all they are is loud and brash,
One scant step above plain old trash.

When the Reaper comes to exact his price,
He'll come only once, not twice or thrice,
And you'd best not brag and your virtues extol,
Just give him whatever he swears is the toll.

The Reaper won't discriminate,
Begging and pleading won't stop your fate,
When your number is up, take heed and beware,
Because the Grim Reaper is naught but fair.
- Serena Joy


MONA said...

One nice collection you are reaping Serena! LOL!

I like the idea about filing the collection for posterity :)

Serena Joy said...

I like the idea, too, Mona, because you all are so talented.:)

david santos said...

Serena, Please!

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Release on Flavia’s accident and status of the process.

The resignation is to stop the evolution. (David Santos in times without end)

Thank you