Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On: Black

On September 8, 2007, I requested haikus with a "black" theme. Here's what I got.

Lulling her to sleep
The lightening and thunder
Interrupted black

The new Pug proclaimed
Do not question my blackness
Man can't keep me down

Black pants shirt boots worn.
Music in his soul and life
Johnny Cash is known.

Big hat on his head
He croons his Christmas Carols,
Smooth country, Clint Black.

Vampire, Royalty,
Black hair, clothing. Loves longings.
They are today's Goth.

Black T-shirt and shorts,
Music doesn't come from me,
I don't belong here.

Stubborn man, black soul,
Misinform, mislead, not smart,
He is George Bush, too.

Bright white blinding me,
I shrink away from what is,
My light fades to black.

All Encompassing,
Black of night surrounds the world.
I awaken from sleep.

Haiku includes black,
I'm wondering why oh why
Post ends with a "Y".

Rainbow shades of light.
Each the absence of color.
Black and white prevail.

Black. Black. Black. Black. Black.
The stirring of the mind's eye.
Dreams are in mourning.
-Scary Monster

Ain't got Jack for black,
This brain to rack, words to hack,
Slack in the sack: black.
-Camille Alexa

Paper white, ink black
Blood red, heart broken
Words unspoken
Love gone
-(c) Annie Wicking

Nancy Sinatra
“These Boots Are Made for Walking”
Her black go go boots.
-Corn Dog

I have a Haiku in Hindi to share :
samne aaye mere dekhaa mujhe baat bhi ki
Muskuraye bhi puraane kisi rishte ke liye
Kal Ka akhbaar tha bas dekh liya rakh bhi diya...

[ He faced me, saw me and even talked to me/ He even smiled at me for the sake of the old times/ (I was) like last night's newspaper that he took a brief look at, and then kept away...]

Woh mere saath hi thaa door tak magar ek din
mudh kar jo dekha woh aur mere saath na tha
Jeb phat jaaye to kuch sikke bhi kho jaate hain

[ He was with me for long enough then one day/ when I turned back and looked he was no longer there/ when you have a permanant hole in your pocket you tend to lose some coins...]

Umr ke khel mein ek tarfaa hai yeh rassa kashi
Ek siraa mujh ko diyaa hotaa to kuch baat bhi thi
Mujh se tagdaa bhi hai aur samne aataa bhi nahin

[ The tug of war is one sided as far as the age is concerned/ had He(God)given me one end then it would have been a fair game indeed/ Although stronger than, me why does He hesitate to face me...]

High heels, crooked stair,
Renders her a study in
Shades of black and blue.
-Serena Joy


Sling said...

Hey!..I saw my Haiku!..I love this game. :)

Serena Joy said...

I'm glad you like it!:)