Saturday, February 23, 2008

On: Snakes

On February 22, 2008, my readers answered the call to write "snake" limericks.

Corn Dog said...
There once was a green snake named Joe.
S.J. hit his head with a hoe.
He crawled out the bar,
Drove off in his car,
Seeing stars from rum and the blow.

/t. said...
ode to a
wiggly thing

There once lived fellow named Jake,
With a most unusual take
On a certain reptile
With a gummy big smile,
But not a good word to rhyme.

VE said...
So the thought of a snake makes you sicken,
And you want to leave screamin’ and kickin’,
Though their skin is scaly and rough,
Remember they really aren’t tough,
They still taste just like chicken.

Charles said...
I once had a small snake for a pet,
Something my Grandmother just didn't get,
She claimed it a puff adder,
'Twas a hognose, but no matter.
Into the woods it had to be let.

G-Man said...
A daughter from down on the farm,
Told her father "No cause for alarm!"
This was my very first date,
And I'm sorry I'm late,
But his snake was in need of a charm!

Friday, February 22, 2008

On: Love

My readers waxed poetic on the subject of love on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2008.

Charles said...
Love can never be,
What I'd hoped for, for me.
May the difference be,
That it's different for thee.

G-Man said...
She radiates beauty,
Her smile is perfect light,
Her fragrance faintly lavender,
Her eyes are cheery bright,
Oh, what I'd give to hold her,
And her arms encircling me,
My love for her is infinite,
Like an endless, raging sea.

I think that I'll set sail
In my lover-searching ship,
And I'll sail forever and ever
Until I kiss my lover's lips.

ThatGreenyFlower said...
Tenacious vine climbs,
Tree stands patient, wise, silent,
Blossoms spring to life.

On: Older Women

On February 4, 2008, I asked for verses about "older women." This is what I got.

Charles said...
I think that I shall never see
A woman over seventy
Who would bash her head upon a tree.

Roxan said...
There was a woman quite glamoury,
Except for her saggy mammary,
So she rolled them up
And stuck 'em in her cups,
Now they look fine and dandery.

puerileuwaite said...
There was a pert redhead so smug,
Who had a few years on the Pug,
Though he didn't mind,
As she was sexy and kind,
Forgiving when he pood on the rug.

G-Man said...
On the delicate subject of aging,
A beautiful Redhead was raging,
But it just didn't matter,
Her man list grew fatter,
Because she was sexy, demure, and engaging!

On: Girls Who Wear Glasses

On January 22, 2008, my readers met the challenge for limericks about "girls who wear glasses."

Mona said...
When I recently got my new peepers,
They said it so altered my features,
That though it made me look intelligent,
Yet hid my eyes and their sentiment,
And made people think I looked less deeper.

Charles said...
Girls who wear glasses,
When you throw your improper passes,
Will knock you on your asses.

Little Wing said... *(And Little Wing gets extra points for utilizing that day's Words Gone Wild in her poetry. )

Girls who wear glasses have great looking asses
Never made out of the same mole,
Because their goal
Is to inner-gise their soul
With cleansing thoughts,
So you just gots
To love the girls in glasses!

VE said...
I don’t care if a girl wears glasses,
As long as they have really nice asses,
One that really outclasses
The rest of the ugly butt masses,
I want one of those lasses
With the figure like one of those hourglasses,
And a look that really surpasses,
And is so hot I need sunglasses.

puerileuwaite said...
Girls who wear glasses
Used to miss out on my passes,
But then came Velma from Scooby Doo,
Along with "self-discovery" too,
And to them I now stick like molasses.

Hale McKay said...
Some men don't like women in glasses,
Preferring pert boobs and tight asses;
But for me, give me one with trouble seeing,
Because you'll never know when it's me being
The one out of his league trying to make passes.

Charles said...
Ode to the bespectacled Chick,
To her and all of her clique,
Even the ugly frames from the flick,
And the Irish who used to be called Mic.
It's not how they see,
It's how they see me,
And can I light their fire with my Bic.