Friday, October 19, 2007

On: "Long-ku"

On July 1, 2007, I cajoled my readers into writing long-ku, a faux haiku in which the syllabic pattern is 8-10-8. The results were fabulous.

When life's travails overwhelm
And leave you screaming in the dark of night,
Have a martini for God's sake!

Careless whispers breed breathless sighs,
Fevered words, secret passions ignite. Hot!
Two aspirins, all better now.
-Serena Joy

Straining over Shakespeare's verses,
My head is spinning and my eyes are crossed
To answer Serena's challenges.
-Hale McKay

His head doth spin and eyes widen,
But Mike hath met the challenge. Forsooth! He
Met Serena's demands and lived!
-Serena Joy

2 PM; I'm in my PJs.
It's Sunday! Thom Yorke sings to me as I
Drink coffee, re-pot hydrangeas.

Bright yellow sun lights up the haze;
Plants shrivel up and try to hide from it.
Dog crawls under the deck and whines.

Trevor sleeps in the arms of love,
Mairi strokes his troubles with tender care,
And from darkness comes sweet release.

Look high to the heavens for stars,
And they will guide you to inspiration,
Otherwise you know where I am.

I am disappointed in you.
My thoughts of fun and laughter are broken.
Bastardized Bard is better than this.

Interpreted Shakespearian,
You make my soul's laughter come out so well,
You brightened my weekend and theirs.

And yet you did it anyway,
And did so very well in spite of your
Recalcitrance, Charles. Game well done!
-Serena Joy

Neurons fire making my thoughts real.
Caffeine makes my tongue and heart so happy.
Waking I think, sleeping I dream.

Long-ku is all right I thought once.
Prime-ku would be a challenge if thought through.
Prime syllables, letters totaling prime.

Alas at It Occurred To Me
I wrote about spell checkers instead of
For Verbicidal Tendencies.

But there is no need to feel sad
For I have one about words for V.T.
I hope everyone will read.
-Hale McKay

Between cultural flotsam and
The jetsam of Paris, Lindsay, Britney...
I see photos of Mars, and weep.

I fed the pink duck on her blog.
Then, I took the quiz "How Insane Are You?"
Now, I'm supposed to write Long-ku?
-Corn Dog

You know I have to trash any ku
I do not care to write this crap at all
Haiku should die a painful death.

Charming, pretty, always witty.
This girl keeps them begging like a lost dog!
Serena Joy ... Myth or Legend?

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