Monday, October 15, 2007

On: Faux-ku

On June 10, 2007, we wrote short-ku (also known as faux-ku) -- for which the syllablic pattern of haiku changed to 4-2-4. And let me tell you, those who played along acquitted themselves beautifully!

In my inner
Self lies

-Serena Joy

You goddamn deck,
just a
teetering pile.

Humid summer:
folks wilt,
flowers flourish.

Pressure washer,
I love
and hate you, too.

Thirty eight is
almost forty.

Beautiful boys
run big,
leap high, yell loud.


This new form should
Be Called


I hold your hand,
You smile.
My eyes smile back.


Serena Joy
Knocks My Socks Off!!


I hate Haiku
I do
Haiku sucks - eww.


How can they suck
so much?
Damn Orioles.


Silent whispers
touch me

-Top Cat

I like Faux-Ku.
Good name
For short haikus.

Because faux-kus
Don't try
To rhyme purple.

And not silver,
Or rhyme at all.

-Hale McKay


MONA said...

faux ku sounds cool. So staccato yet so laden..

Serena Joy said...

I like it, too, Mona. The haikus were fun to do -- as well as the limericks and butchering Shakespeare. Eventually, I'll have them all featured here.