Saturday, October 27, 2007

On: "Vista"

On October 13, 2007, I was in the throes of a small hissy fit over Windows Vista and requested limericks on the topic of Vista -- the dirtier, the better. Here's what my readers came up with.

I once met a system named Vista,
Whose mannerisms made me pissed-a,
If by chance I should meet
Vista developers here on the street,
Up their hineys I would shove-a
my fista.
- puerileuwaite

There once was a girl named Trista,
Post-coitus she remained in the nude,
Unlike the prude she called Sista.
I feel similarly screwed,
When I use the OS named Vista.
- Charles

Vista OS on my 'puter,
I swear nothing in life could be ruder.
It's always a pain,
And if it screws me again,
Well ... I'm just gonna take my hammer and smash the fuck out of it!
- Sling

There once was a guy named Bill
Who created an OS that will
Cause you to hate
Drivers not up to date
And trash it once you've had your fill!
- Snowelf

I know not a thing about Vista.
It seems, the old system, most missed her.
Many tried the new way,
Got fed up in a day, and
Banged keyboards so hard they got blisters.
- Camille Alexa

The G-Man knows nothing of Vista,
Cause he's an ignorant technological Mista,
But while playing a Bard,
It makes him grow hard,
For redheads and Starbuck Baristas.
- G-man

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