Saturday, October 13, 2007

On: "Bad" Haiku

Here's our first poetry reading, from June 5, 2007. The way this happens is, I ask my readers at Parenthetically Speaking to write a poem (haiku, in this particular instance) on (loosely) a particular topic -- and they come through. In spades. I love every word of it. I hope you do, too.

On this date, I asked for hideous haiku. What I got were jewels.

My mind is a blank
Canvas today, soaking up
Red ink of ennui.
-Serena Joy

Listen to Monster.
Thoughts echo from he soul, ya.
Tears give birth to laughs.
-Scary Monster

You be Joy, and friend.
Your sound and fury me hears.
We settle for words.
-Scary Monster

Perhaps one of us
Is disturbed. Perhaps it's me.
Perhaps it is not.
-Serena Joy

Gray sky
cold wind
-Top Cat

Your weather seems nice
Nothing to complain about?
That is why I came.

Work should be boring
Otherwise why would we leave
And why would they pay?

My Inner Child
I think he is retarded
And that's fine with me.

Brave asks the big Chief
How did I receive my name?
Why you ask, Dogs F*cking?

Inner child's happy
She must be younger than twelve;
That's when trouble starts.

My inner child grins,
Clicks the radio buttons.
She likes these quizzes.

Surprised inner child?
What kind of answer is THAT?
Stupid f**king quiz.

Inner child is spoiled
Good friends, good conversation
Keep her entertained.

I saw Inner Child
Run past me at the market
With candy and beer.
-Corn Dog

Talented Witty Thoughts
Lie beneath Crimson Tresses,
The Head of Serena Joy!

What wonderful neighbours
What wonder, I care.
The neighbours from hell
be so, so aware.

Should the tables be turned
A killer, I would become
and drive you back to hell
from where you have come.
-Annie Wicking and Loman Austen

Give an assignment
To talented bloggers and
They come through in spades.
-Serena Joy

Lets see about this,
I do not know what to say,
Have a pleasant day.

Charles, you said it well.
A pleasant day to you as
Well, my gentle friend.
-Serena Joy


puerileuwaite said...

Hey! I've been published! Things are going to start happening now ...

I'd better sit by the phone in case it rings.

Serena Joy said...

You let me know when that big-time agent calls, Puggy. Maybe he'll take pity on me, too.:)

MONA said...

Yaaayy! this is so much fun! I love this new blog!

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Mona.:)