Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On: Sniffles & Sneezes

On November 3, 2007, suffering from a cold and cranky as hell, I requested limericks on the topic of "Sniffles and Sneezes." These are the results.

Miserable cold, sniffle and sneeze,
Bloody Mary, Honey and Jack,
Sore red nose, too sore to squeeze,
Cured by drink, no more hack,
Or a hacking cough from smoking leaves?
- Charles

Serena Joy's feeling sub-par,
For misery she's raising the bar,
She's snuffling and sneezing,
And coughing and wheezing,
But still a complete superstar!
- Camille Alexa

Poor Serena sniffles and sneezes,
"Unacceptable!" she coughs and wheezes!
She deserves a day tucked in bed,
Sipping a tonic made just for her head,
Hopefully she'll feel better soon,
And we'll find her dancing under the moon.
- Snowelf

Our dearest SJ's got the snots;
She's been offered pillows, oils and shots.
"No!" she snuffles.
"Don't even want truffles!
I'll just lie right here 'til I rots!"
- ThatGreenyFlower

Poor Serena, she's sore and she's ailin',
Was even to sick to go sailin',
"I'll have to resort
To stay here in port
And get my feet rubbed by someone named Galen!"
- G-man

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