Sunday, December 16, 2007

On: Oversleeping

On November 13, 2007, my Parenthetically Speaking readers were assigned to write haikus on the subject of "late to work." They produced some terrific results.

G-Man said...
Virginia Girls
Are infectiously clever!
Except with their Brakes!

Redhead oh so frail,
Except when she is pissed off.
"May I use your Gun?"

Stuck at home again.
What was that bastard thinking?
I need a smoke ... NOW!

VE said...
This is a real pain
Counting all my syllables
Now I'm late for work!

ThatGreenyFlower said...
Fixing my hair seems
Like so much fun when work waits.
Uh-oh, late again.

Paperwork stacked high,
Tension rising...Oh, let's see
What Sherry posted!

Running late, and no
Coffee to drink. What a bad
Day this has become.

Work will still be there
No matter how late I am.
Gotta pay the bills.

Charles said...
If I had a job,
I'd not be late to get there,
To earn my money now.

Scary Monster said...
The morning sunshine
Warmed and slowed my hectic soul
The timecard will wait.

Scary Monster said...
Beckoned back to bed
Time, waiting on corner
Morning passed with you.

Pink said...
Late train to Waterloo
Northern line stopped in tunnel
An ad for Thailand above

Corn Dog said...
Work. Who needs the mess?
Underpaid and overworked.
Snooze button again.

Rain broken alarms
Hungry dogs wrecked cars missed buses
Work can wait for these.

Sling said...
Hit the snooze button.
Just nine more minutes won't hurt.
Crap! I'm late again.

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