Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All I Want For Christmas

On December 18, 2007, my readers at Parenthetically Speaking wrote rhyming verses on "All I Want For Christmas Is..."

G-Man said...
Santa pulls in on the reins and yells,
"Slow down Blitzen."
Heres a box of smiles,
For a Red-Headed Vixen,
This one's been good,
So she gets more than toys.
The box says ... "Santa sure loves his Serena Joy!"

/t. said...
santa man
travel for miles and miles
and the santa man
deliver boxes of smiles
santa man
go for the girl and boy
but the santa man
come for the serena joy

¤ ¤ ¤

Kanrei said...
All I want for Christmas is a single day off
Free from fighting and skirmish, sarcasm and scoff
Free from worry and wonder and empty dreams not come true
Free from excess and waste, but not free of you
For what good would it be to have off that day
And have not a soul to which you could say
“Merry Christmas, happy holidays,” and have a big smile
And make Santa worry what you’re up to for a while.

/t. said...
the santa man
be naughty and nice
throw you back once
and come for you twice

¤ ¤ ¤

Charles said...
For Christmases I want not a present.
Instead give me a Democrat for President.
Give me peace and a strong economy,
High petrol prices, No, not me.
A turn from the ignorance,
A public not in a trance.
A public aware of the tricks that are played.
A bevy of products, American made.

Serena Joy said...
Santa baby, what would it take
To get an original, never a fake?
Forget the presents stacked in piles,
All I want for Christmas is a box of smiles!

Kanrei said...
Dear Mister Santa Claus,
I know this time of year is rough
But I have somethings to ask for
And I cannot emphasize enough
The importance of every detail
To my monumental Christmas Day request
And it's not to say I don't appreciate
Last year's olive and lavender silk vest
Its just that I know something,
Something that, if quite true
Could cause quite a bit of damage to the rep
Of a Saintly person-type person, like you
Now the details are kind of fuzzy
But this still is a laugh riot
Cause it seems that dear Saint Nick
You are a toy making pirate
The toys you make all year
In your sweatshop of a store
All have brand names you don't own
And I have plenty more
Those elves who you work,
Who slave day and night
Are really just “bad” kids
Or those who didn't sit on your lap just right
Oh the shame it would cause
If ever this got out
The children would cry
So the parents would pout
And all this distress
would add to the suicide rate
And the lawsuits would come in
Too fast to contemplate
So I think it would be best
If, between just you and me
I get what I asked for
And that's the last you'll hear from me.

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