Tuesday, January 1, 2008

On: The New Year

On December 29, 2007, my readers at Parenthetically Speaking concocted these delicious haikus on the coming New Year.

Serena said...
Good intentions fall
By the wayside. But some will
Survive the new year.

Night falls, spirits rise.
May this New Year divine the
Tao of things to come.

snowelf said...
May this new year bring
Happiness and true joy
To all of our friends

Sling said...
Rather than look back
On that which has gone before,
There's always next year.

Charles said...
A coming New Year,
During which reflect this one,
Was it a good one?

Charles said...
Better this New Year,
Than the last that we had.
Better this person.

/t. said...
2 0 0
7 goodbye hello 2
0 0 8

Corn Dog said...
The old year is out.
A new year is ushered in.
Ball drops in Times Square.

Corn Dog said...
My resolution -
Off Burl Ives before Christmas.
He's already dead?

G-Man said...
Two Thousand Seven
Was Galen's Best Year Ever --
He met Serena!

Hale McKay said...
Tis the time of year
To make up resolutions
So we can break them.

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