Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On March 26, 2009, I requested sonnets from my readers, to be written using this motley list of blasfomys:

grammor errors
book shalves
gobal warming
I was blind sighted
brake the law

I went first, thusly:

Gobal warming and grammor errors --
Are there any darker terrors?
Such charachers, dare I ponder?
Are they canabals or aritsts, I wonder?
I was asolutely blind sighted! I see, but I do not see,
For what can there be when I will not see what's in front of me?
If the world disappered, supposidly becauase I permote
What's on my book shalves, who would tote the crippled goat?
Oh, I am done for.
I should run for the hills and fear no more.
For should I stop quickly and brake the law,
The comapny attornry would call it a draw
And sue the faux cartographer for millions of bucks,
While I in my daiper -- oh, fluck a duck.

And I had only one brave soul to pick up the gauntlet, but it was a winner:

Skunkfeathers said...

Taking liberty with literary permote,
with these few lines of text I smote,
the idea that one cruciverbally spited,
would lead to this, and I am blind sighted,
in the midst of spring of blizzard's fury,
I falls on my arse, in literal asolutely.
Pathetic is as pathetic's smarming,
and pathetic is those who believe gobal warming,
for it is but for them I say "pshhaw",
and do all I can to brake the
This only gets worse and enough to encourage,
a negative scree couched in verbal descourage,
cuz sonnets ain't much of that what's for me,
and if writ bad enough will bring a stop order from an attornry.


clean and crazy said...

you are an awesome writer!!! i would like to invite you to join me and hopefully other bloggers to wish g-man a happy birthday, as you know he is under the weather today and so i have posted a birthday tribute to him on my blog, my goal is to get as many people as possible to take the birthday card i made and copy it onto their blogs and report to him like we do on fridays. hopefully we can all give him a big birthday surprise. ok i gotta go have a lot of bloggers i have to ask, enjoy your day!!

天空 said...
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RAIN said...
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天氣晴朗 said...
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Serena said...

Puh-leeze. If you can't say it in English, then kindly refrain from saying it all. For all we know, you're telling us that we're all going to fall through the privy seat while our hair's on fire.

承合 said...
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