Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everyday Haiku

On On April 5, 2008, my readers wrote haikus on what they were doing that day.

Corn Dog said...
Cutting my own hair
One snip here. Razor slice there.
Only me to blame.

Dogs following me.
Will I drop food on the floor?
Will I? Huh? Will I?

Sling said...
Visiting blog pals,
TIVOing 'Arlington road',
What to have for lunch?

G-Man said...
In My Underwear
In front of my computer.
PLEASE put some pants on!!

Charles said...
Hating the sound there,
Overdriven microphone,
Better video.

Installing software,
Ruby on Rails, Apache,
Debian Linux.

Haiku for the you,
Website creation for me,
(Friend actually.)

Hale McKay said...
Waiting for the sun
The weatherman said will be
Shining in the sky.

I will believe it
When I see the clouds are gone
And it is not cold.

But hark there it is
Sitting at the computer
I wonder, is it warm?

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